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Some of Total's other commitments in the country - Cameroon

Total has installed a water hole at its Mbanga Bakok service station. This provides water not just for the station, but also for the local population, who otherwise have limited access to drinking water. Since 2012, some 100 people have benefited from free access to running water. Total and “Safe Way Right Way”, an organization of which the Group is a member, are also working to improve road safety along the main transport routes in Africa, including two crossborder roads which have some of the highest death tolls on the continent (Cameroon/Central African Republic/Chad and Kenya/Uganda). Driver education campaigns were delivered as part of the seventh World. Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims and the first. African Road Safety Day. The Group has helped to set up mobile control points along the Douala to Yaoundé route, the most dangerous road in the central African corridor.