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Total Augustin Mouinga, researcher

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Augustin Mouing Ondeme's path. He is a researcher at the international center for medical research in Franceville (CIRMF), a center of excellence cofunded by Total.

After completing my Master of Science degree, I was accepted on a placement at the CIRMF. For me, it was an opportunity to complete my education by learning biomedical techniques. After a year, the virology unit offered to hire me. I accepted without second thoughts because the CIRMF is a unique research center, internationally recognized for its works on existing and emergent viruses. Created in 1974 by the Gabonese government and Total Gabon, this exceptional center plays a strategic role on a global scale in understanding the causal relationship between health and environment.



Crossroads of knowledge

At the CIRMF, I benefited from a continuous training that allowed me to complete my doctoral thesis. Today, as a research fellow working on HIV, I am in an ideal position at the center, which is at the crossroads between the professional sector, the academic world and public health issues. We have an extensive technical platform to monitor numerous patients, especially those with HIV, in support of Gabonese outpatient treatment centers. We also benefit from exchange programs with other research centers in Africa, Europe, and the United States. Their scientists come to the CIRMF to carry out research of common interest. These partnerships enrich the training of Gabonese researchers and students. For me, it's a key to the development of the country.