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Burkina Faso - Training local talent: betting on the future

Total Paul Ginies, directeur de l’institut universitaire 2IE

Youth Inclusion and Education - Committed to empowering socially at-risk young people

Paul Giniès's Path. He is director of the 2IE university institute based in Ouagadougou, which trains high-levek engineers. Total is a partner of this school.

For more than 40 years, 2iE has been training students from Africa and elsewhere in engineering, specializing in areas such as water, the environment, civil engineering, and mines. With Total, we share a vision of education as a lever for development in African countries. Through its Total professeurs associés (TPA) program, the Group demonstrates its commitment to education, and that is what attracted us. Together, we have the same ambition: to offer quality training locally to young Africans so they can undertake major projects in their countries and abroad. Our efforts have paid off since 93% of students who graduate from 2iE find jobs.


A win-win partnership

For us, training is effective when it provides theoretical knowledge while being firmly anchored in the realities of the market. By involving its educators and offering training programs, Total enables our students to gain knowledge and professional experience in areas such as business management, risk prevention, and project management. Therefore, young people are trained for the needs of the market, and some of them are directly hired by the Group. We also conduct numerous projects that allow students to work on specific subjects, and workers to benefit from the presence of young engineers. Our latest collaboration with Total involved an eco service station project, which could become a reality.