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Cameroon - Affordable solar lighting

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Pierre Mbono is a plantation owner. He recently received one of Total's modular solar kits, which has made a vast improvement to his day-to-day life.

I own a cocoa and coffee plantation in Mbangassina, a small village 30 kilometers from Bafia in the center of Cameroon, around 130 kilometers from Yaoundé. I found out about Total’s solar-powered lamps by accident when I was reading an advertising poster about the store at a service station in Yaoundé.


Solar-powered lighting for everyday use

The salesperson assured me that they were reliable and robust, so I bought a D. Light S250 lamp. It provides bright, long-lasting light and I can also use it to charge my cell phone. Later on, I went to my local TOTAL service station to buy a second lamp. The salesperson told me about the Sundaya Ulitium solar kit, which I could use to light my home as it came with four independent bulbs. The station’s solar retailer, Mr. Abena, even came round to my house to install the kit. It was a real life-changing moment!


Reliable and beneficial

We had an electricity supply, but the central generator was broken. We’d had to resort to using a small generator and oil lamps. The generator was located quite a distance from my main home and I had to go out and switch it on at nightfall. This posed real security problems. It was also extremely expensive, as we had to buy 30 liters of diesel each week, which cost 15,600 CFA francs (24 euros).

With the solar lamps, I’ve saved 30% on this cost. I can also light the entire premises, including the living quarters for more than 20 people (plantation workers, my sister-in-law, my wife and my four children).

The kit is covered by a two-year guarantee, so I know that if I have any technical problems, the Total retailer will repair the kit or replace a lamp where necessary. These products are making a real difference in the day-to-day lives of many people in Cameroon.