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Morocco - Road safety culture in action

Safety Road - Committed to promoting safer mobility


Total Driss el Amrani, director


Driss El Amrani's path. He is the director of the road transport company Sahara Logistic Nord, which works for Total in Morocco. His goal: end traffic accidents.

In 2011, Morocco deplored more than 4,000 deaths related to road accidents. This figure is slightly higher than French statistics, but there are about 38 million vehicles on French roads against 3 million in Morocco. The main cause of this problem is the irresponsible behavior of drivers: 94% of them do not even respect stop signs. The government has therefore decided to address the issue by implementing much more restrictive traffic regulations.


Maximum requirements at all levels

At Sahara Logistic Nord, we anticipated this safety measure by applying even more stringent rules in order to reduce risks as much as possible. This especially concerns our fleet of 70 vehicles as well as our drivers.



Accordingly, all our trucks comply with ADR* standards in effect in Europe and are equipped with onboard computers. Positioning systems enable us to monitor in real time the speed and itinerary of vehicles. As oil transport professionals, we must be irreproachable. Total Morocco, our first client, has been supporting us since 2006 in this area, thanks to the requirements in its specifications for the transport of hazardous substances and its ongoing outreach regarding road safety. Above all, Total is assisting us in implementing the required specifications, including providing trucks and tankers that comply with company standards. Those that do not meet the conditions will no longer be used. Finally, Total has allowed us to benefit from its expertise in driver training, paying as much attention to driving behavior as to vehicle monitoring or to knowledge of the products transported. As a consequence of these actions, no serious accident has been reported since 2008.

* European agreement on the international transport of hazardous goods by road.

Total Driss El Amrani-directeur de Sahara Logistic Nord 

Road safety has a cost, but lack of safety is much more costly.

Driss El Amrani Director of Sahara Logistic Nord