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Angola - Supporting local development

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Total Ruben Costa, directeur production, reservoir et operations de Sonangol

Ruben Costa's path. He is the director of production, reservoir, and operations of the national oil company, Sonangol, and campaigns for partner companies to take part in the development of the local ecnonomy.

Sonangol works with Total mainly on Block 17, located deep offshore and consisting of four major fields: Girassol, Dalia, Pazflor, and CLOV. As Director of Production, Reservoir, and Operations at Sonangol, I am well positioned to observe the role foreign companies play in the economic development of the country. With Total, we share the same goals: to increase reliance on local skills and Angolan companies in order to develop the natural resources of our country.

Promoting technological development...

We also expect our partner to participate in local economic development through technology and knowledge transfer, to assist us in strengthening the production capacities in Angola, and to truly get involved in the growth of the country. As the first oil producer in Angola, Total calls on an increasing number of national companies and is working to improve their services. Total has also established excellent cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Agostinho Neto University to increase the quality of general and professional education in Angola. It is important to invest in education to develop local skills.


Ruben Costa-directeur production, reservoir et operations de sonangol 

Through its involvement in the local economic development of our projects, Total demonstrates the extent to which it has become a key partner in our activities.

Ruben Costa Director of production, reservoir and operations

... And human development

Reliance on national labor is increasing from one project to another. Within the framework of Pazflor, more than 3 million hours of work have been performed by Angolans, and the CLOV project’s goal is to reach 9 million hours of local work. Today, 80% of the workforce on Total oil platforms in Angola are Angolans.