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Total Yetunde Shado, ingenieur en corrosion

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Yetunde Shado's path. After completing her studies at IPS*, thanks to a scholarship granted by Total, this young nigerian was recruited by the group as a corrosion engineer.

I love math, physics, and chemistry. That's why I studied material science and metallurgical engineering at university. After graduating, and a barrage of interviews and tests, most notably with Total, I got a scholarship to train at IPS*, a Total partner since its creation. There, I completed a Master's in Petroleum Engineering and Project Development.



Quickly up to speed

What's special about IPS is that a large number of professors are professionals who come from the industry sector. The courses are very specific, oriented toward putting what we learn into practice. That makes it possible to get quickly up to speed and able to adapt easily on the ground. It's undoubtedly the reason why I was hired by Total right after getting my master's degree, first for a probationary period of six months, during which my skills were tested under the wings of a tutor, and then permanently.

Becoming an expert

So, now I'm a Corrosion Engineer in the Joint Venture Offshore Division, which is what I always wanted to do. I could have chosen to work for a large construction group, but I'm very happy at Total because the Group offers an enjoyable work environment, with nice colleagues and opportunities for advancement. In the future, I will also have the opportunity to work at different oil fields, or change departments. But, for now, I'm happy where I am: I want to be a corrosion expert!

*Institute of Petroleum Studies of Port Harcourt, a Total partner where the Group has funded facilities