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Gabon - Rehabilitating an industrial site

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Total Come Ndjokounda, directeur de la brigade environnement


Total is restoring one of its former sites in Tchengué, to the south of Port-Gentil. The operation was monitored closely by Côme Ndjokounda, head of the state-run environmental police force.

Here at the Environmental Police Force, we conduct monitoring, supervision and inspection activities and educate the population about environmental issues. Following several inspections, I decided that the Tchengué site needed to be dismantled. The site, owned by Total, was built in the 1960s to accommodate crude oil transport, storage and processing activities. The site was decommissioned several years ago and the equipment there had become obsolete. I therefore wrote to Total advising them of the need to dismantle the site. Total agreed to manage the work immediately.

A three-stage project to protect the environment

The tanks and pipes were drained and cleaned back in 2010. The large waste pit at the southern end of the site was also decontaminated (phase 1). In the following year, 10 kilometers of pipes were cleaned and, in 2012, the decommissioned tanks and pipes were dismantled (phase 2). We are now working on completing the renovation work and decontaminating the soil at the site (phase 3). Despite some delays in operations due to heavy rainfall, I’m very happy with the way the project has progressed. It fully reflects the goals of our policy: to protect the environment by combating pollution and preventing all types of damage.



Total Come Ndjokounda, directeur de la brigade environnement

The restoration of Total's Tchengué site fully reflects Gabon's ambitions to protect the environment.

Côme Ndjokounda Head of the environmental police force

Openness and communication

From our first contact with Total about the site, the Group followed all of our recommendations and demonstrated a clear desire to meet the environmental requirements of the Gabonese authorities. We are very happy with the relationship we’ve built with the Group, and Total always takes the time to inform the local population. The community has a very positive view of the project, as do the farms that border the site. The environmental benefits are clear to all.