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Cameroon - Energy for all

Other initiatives

Dominique Atangana Noa is a service station manager. He sells solar powered lamps in his store, as well as in the country's most remote regions, with the help of his "young solar retailer".

I got a job as a pump attendant with Total back in 1999. I then completed the “young dealer” program and was appointed as service station Manager in 2003. I started in Kentzou in the East of the country, before moving to Bafia in central Cameroon, where I’ve been working since 2007. Total chose my station to run a pilot on the sale of photovoltaic solar lamps and kits when the Group first moved into the sector in 2010. All of the station staff were involved, and I appointed a dedicated “retailer”, Yves Abenda, from within my team.


A range of affordable products

We currently sell a range of three products: two mobile, individual lamps and a modular, fixed solar kit, which the retailer installs himself at the customer’s premises. Due to the current energy situation, these products are in high demand. We sold 1,377 of them in 2012. They provide low-cost, secure and effective lighting for populations without sufficient access to the electricity grid and who often have to resort to costly and dangerous alternatives such as oil lamps or candles.

Working closely with local populations

We meet most of our customers at the markets or on the plantations, as well as having a strong presence among local charities. 
We also provide support to local opinion leaders (local authorities and village chiefs). The population is interested in our products and really appreciates the work that our retailer does. He has to travel vast distances between villages, and getting around isn’t easy, but he always makes himself available. 
With this new sales channel, we’ve built close relationships with our customers. This has helped to make the station a key part of the community and has boosted the profile of the brand. It’s a great project.