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Angola - The clov project: vocational training




Marcio Camuhoto is one of a group of Angolan students selected for a petroleum industry training program, as part of Total's local skills development policy. He is now an operator on the CLOV project.

I was studying mechanics at the National Oil Institute when I heard about the Total training program. Some people from the Group came to talk to us about it. I was impressed by the opportunity to join a production team. The operator’s role is particularly interesting. It comes with a lot of responsibility and there’s always something new to learn.

From theory to practice

Once I had passed a test, I then spent two months perfecting my English. Next, I spent five months studying basic physics, chemistry and math. I then joined the training program, switching between the local satellite office and the Institut français du pétrole (French institute of petroleum) giving me the opportunity to work on offshore platforms.



In January 2013, after a total of 13 months, I received my operator’s qualification. I’m really glad that I completed this program. It has taught me how to work hard, opened my mind and given me practical knowledge – something that was lacking in my previous education, where it was all about theory.

I'm proud to be part of the CLOV project. It will make a real contribution to Angola's development and will help to disseminate knwoledge in the country.

Marcio Camuhoto Operator, for the CLOV project

Internal career progression

I’m also delighted to be part of the CLOV project. This project will make a real contribution to Angola’s development, in line with international environmental regulations. Most importantly, it prioritizes Angolans when it comes to recruitment and helps to disseminate knowledge. I also think this training program is beneficial for Total, as it gives the Group access to a local, skilled workforce. Next, I’m off to South Korea to further develop my skills. Along with other graduates of the program, I’ll be involved in preparing and testing a new production unit prior to its launch. I plan to grasp every opportunity to learn and I look forward to a successful career within the company.